About Us

Unida Enterprises is among the leading manufacturers of martial arts costumes. We specialize in making top-rated gloves and other wears for martial arts, taekwondo, karate, etc. Our services fall within two categories – focusing on wholesale supplies, while also attending to retail requests through taekwondogloves.com, which is our official e-commerce store.

We are committed to making and sustaining unparalleled qualities of sportswear. We’ll continue to stay ahead in the most outstanding fitness and fashionable designs.

Unida Enterprises sportswear includes gloves of distinct features and purposes. Our wide range of glove designs and related products include boxing gloves of best texture and sturdy, taekwondo gloves, boxing hand wraps, Gen2 E-foot protector, MMA fighting gloves, MMA grappling gloves, etc.

Unida Enterprises is also the designer, maker and marketer of best quality sport protectors such as headgear, BJJ GI such as BJJ mouthguard, dummies such as martial art grappling, punching bags of all size, weight and texture, etc.

Our Vision

We understand what it feels like to have your passion dashed because of bad training kits. Must martial arts enthusiasts look forward to the day when they can get the best designs can give. Sadly, most e-stores are laden with homogeneous products, making it difficult to sort and pick genuine ones without getting short-changed. We understand the confusion that often accompanies attempts to get good sports kits from online stores when products of no pedigree keep popping in your face. We seek to put an end to all these.Unida Enterprises passionately targets to encourage people to live better through active exercise engagement. We are succeeding in this by making 1st-tier-quality kits available to the people, which in turn, make their training escapades worthwhile as well as exciting enough to keep them coming back for more and more.

Our Core Value


At Unida Enterprises, ordinary things are done in extraordinary ways. We are fervent believers of progress and advancement, and this includes turning available products and ideas into what beneficiaries will agree to be the best. 


Ours are products of passion and commitment. We have great pride in our renowned team and every product that comes through. They are tested and trusted and you are guaranteed an awesome user experience.

Client Focused:

Unida Enterprises recognizes the challenges sport enthusiasts pass through when they are short-changed with substandard sports kits. We strive earnestly to keep such experience far from all sports lovers by ensuring that we give them up-to-date, top quality kits that give them an edge anywhere in the world.

Why Make UNIDA ENTERPRISES Your One-Stop-Shop?


We prioritize quality and convenience in our products and services. We hold the belief that you deserve the best for every dime spent on becoming a better version of yourself. To show that we understand and appreciate your commitment in this regard, the least we can do is to give you kits that will make your experience seamless and fun.

Customer Attendance:

How could we have understood what you want so well if we had not listened to people who had similar challenges before you? We have a perfect knowledge of the popular demands because we have experts who are in the field to interpret the situations. We offer unparalleled customer services that are closely tailored to what the customers truly want.