Double Layer Mouth Guard TK|08

  • Our exclusive dual layer technology provides protection against the most brutal hits.
  • Our revolutionary shock resistant design distributes the force of an impact evenly to prevent damage to your teeth, lips, and gums.
  • We have also added thicker portions to vital areas of the mouth guard to add extra protection to teeth and molars during violent impacts.
  • These thicker portions act as an extra security pad and help distribute and absorb the shock of a direct hit.
  • Our custom fitting boil and bite mouth guard offers a gel lined dual layer design that easily molds to your teeth and gums to provide the best possible fit for contact sports such as lacrosse, basketball hockey, football, flag football, field hockey, rugby, martial arts, karate, MMA, boxing, BJJ, wrestling, or any other sport
  • Our mouth guards are manufactured with High-quality BPA-Free strapless silicone.